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Date: 22 July 2003 03:04:46

I know. I've not updated in ages. In the meantime I've been to some graduations, a party, a deacon's meeting, 2 church services, some expansive gardens, a National Trust house, a castle, out for many meals, and still had time to have 4 guests in the house, swap a matress with the neighbours, and back again, watch some films and tv, finish 'brave new world' babysit 2 bamphires, seperately, but for a total of 8 hours, catch up with friends, on the phone and in person, cook for a lot of people, serve my first communion as a deacon (only walking into 1 pew)... and probably some other things as well. I may not be updting very much this week, as I'm off on holiday at the end of it.