It's amazing what a week's holiday can do...

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Date: 06 August 2003 22:59:30

You get 'out of the system' and suddenly it's more than a fortnight since you either updated your blog, or read anyone else's. Apologies, I will not catch up - especially as I'm off again tomorrow for 4 days. Devon was good, especially House of Marbles which we visited on the way home. We also saw some friends who had recently moved to Devon - if you know who I'm talking about, go visit them!

So tomorrow, Cropredy Festival begins - should be a good weekend for it, but then the rainmaster won't be playing (music or cricket it seems). Well, I'll have a pint of 6X for you all, and might manage to update somewhere in between Cropredy and Greenbelt at this rate. Chug-a-lug.