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Date: 29 August 2003 02:06:09

Came straight back from Greenbelt into Holiday Bible Club and printing the church magazine. This afternoon I slept.

Greenbelt highlights:

- Meeting / catching up with loads of people - primarily through the Wibsite - I love you guys!

- The Tiny tea tent - especially the hot apple and cinnamon drink, fantastic at 1am.

- Waterson:Carthy who for me had the edge over Kate Rusby, mainly because they smiled at us when we waved.

- Kate Rusby, who I'd not seen in about 10 years, and who hasn't really changed much, great performance, but only one or two of my favouritest Kate Rusby songs.

- Billy Bragg. The man is a legend.

- Mike Yaconelli - truly inspirational - order the CDs of all his seminars now!

- Paul Cookson and Stewart Henderson, who had me in tears of laughter at a kids poetry recital - very well observed comedy, and some fantastic serious stuff too.

- Martyn Joseph beating up a guy dressed as a peanut. (I could explain for those that weren't there, but it's a better image left at that.)

- The performance cafe - being a venue with seats, and connected to that, hearing Jaynie Lee Grace mention Greenbelt on Steve Wright in the Afternoon as we were driving home on Tuesday - maybe next year we can get her (or Miles Mendoza) to mention the wibsite.

Greenbelt lowlights:

- Marc Catley (thanks to Rev Gerald for the post-bad-seminar-counselling outside the Tiny Tea tent after that one).

- The Polyphonic Spree - 45 minutes wait for that! And then we returned to this news. Well I laughed.

- nessa having to go home early - it really wasn't quite right without ness and Ee there for the whole weekend, but at least they joined us briefly, and we'll work towards next year eh?

Well one day left of Holiday Club now, and I've still yet to work out the unfathomable chorus of the theme song:

"Do the diggety dig in the rockety rock, spin yourself around. Build the brickety brick and go knockety knock and stand on solid ground...."

(Answers on a postcard - or in the comments space provided as to what exactly that has to do with Simon Peter. thanks)