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Date: 02 September 2003 01:18:35

... and thought I should share. Rhys agreed as long as there was an explanation, but I think the only explaining that needs doing is that he swears blind he typed in plain English, and only wrote 'Help!' once.

What follows may cause some distress to novice computer users and BT programmers. It is recommended that they click on one of the links on the left rather than read on. A particularly relaxing destination can be found by clicking on the word 'orisinal'. Bye bye...

Help! Help! Help!Help! Help! Help! Am trying to Help! Am trying to find

faHelp! Am trying to find fathers day present for your dad but your mobile

isnt switched on. so am in one of those email phone boxes sending this to

you. anyway, hmv have the cropredy box for FIFTEEN QUID (billy bargain) so

will buy that for him ifithin 20 mins (b4 13:40).aargh, no apostrophe on

thxxxps teac cant get dvd to work and are snding it back.

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