Having no taste

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Tags: rants, Greenbelt, Billy Bragg

Date: 03 September 2003 21:23:09

Wood has suggested that the above is a description of yours truly in the comments thread of my Greenbelt review post. Surely if I had no taste I would have just sat and listened without opinion to pretty much anything that came my way at Greenbelt. Actually I'd probably not have forked out the cash to go away for the weekend, as having no taste I would not have understood the reasons for being at Cheltenham Racecourse that weekend, and just stayed in. I certainly wouldn't be seen posting anywhere like this, as a person totally devoid of taste would not have anything very interesting to say about anything.

I think what Wood meant to say was that I had bad taste, but then tragically went on to prove that that the comment was more worthily directed at himself.

The Spree sucked. Billy rocked. Case closed.