Thought for the day...

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Date: 04 September 2003 23:06:01

Wood has made some excellent points on my comments thread. Perhaps it's time to admit that despite appearances on this wiblog, we are good friends, sometimes our music taste gets in the way of that.

So the moral for the day is that we should all stop hiding behind our stereo speakers, or whatever it is we use to cover our true identities and start being real with each other. It's something Mike Yaconelli talked about at Greenbelt. In the end I like to listen to some types of music more than others (see links, left) but my music tastes are not me. The fact that I watch Neighbours is not me. I enjoy reading Margaret Atwood books, having long baths, watching shooting stars, reading stories to children, eating candyfloss and doing cross-stitch, but even adding all of these things together you don't get anywhere near the real Lemly.

To be honest, you're never going to get near the real Lemly by reading this wiblog, that's not what it's for, but I know that my close friends do regard me as more than 'that mad woman that listens to Fairport'. That's why it took one of these close friends to get me to admit all of that. Thanks Wood - may your wise words continue to bless those who listen. :)