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Date: 02 October 2003 19:09:39

... long time no see. Yes, I know. My fault.

look, stupid people

It's been a mostly good fortnight since I updated last. Low points have been saying goodbye to 2 very good friends who have emigrated (to Scotland and England). They both seem to be getting on well though, and it means someone to visit next time we need a break.

Weekends now include a visit to the local folk club, it was a bit daunting at the singers night last week, especially for one who doesn't sing, but the plethora of Richard Thompson songs more than made up for that. The week before was a John Kirkpatrick gig, which nessa more than adequately covered. JK was on top form, and even sang my request, which was fab.

I also managed to lead my first talk in the youthgroup I help with - demonstating the evils of gossip with a can of baked beans and some red lentils, topped off with a reading from the great Elinor M Brent Dyer. It seemed to go down well.

There's probably tons more to tell - serves me right for not updating in so long.

Neighbours is fantastic at the moment - highly recommended viewing.

I'll come back and do another update later when I've had time to think.