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Tags: Greenbelt, Brownies, Billy Bragg, driving

Date: 11 October 2007 01:28:48

... Greenbelt was good, Excellent company - rather lacking in Jane-ness, but she's coming next year, so that's OK. Too many things on at the same time, but there's always the MP3s that I've not bought yet. Billy Bragg was excellent, Chas and Dave were disappointing. Didn't go to any really bad talks, and actually managed some worship stuff. Did my back in on the bouncy obstacle course, bought a lovely Fair Trade duvet cover, and a very lovely skirt and a gorgeous little bible that is pretty and strokable and small, and everything I wanted from a Bible, so I shall now not covet my neighbour's scriptures in Sunday services.

Brownies is going really well so far, I even know all their names, and (more importantly) which ones not to put together. I have a smart rugby shirt type uniform, with an official badge tab and not very official M&S jeans. I get to renew my promise at the end of this month, it's all great. Shouldn't try and do handstands though, even to encourage reluctant Brownies to work towards their agility badges. I never could do one, so what posessed me to try for the first time in about 20 years, I have no idea. The bruise is healing up though.

Driving is also going well, car still has the same number of dents as before I started driving it which is always a good indication!

Basically everything's pretty good, I'm not feeling great, but that might be because the weather's getting worse and I'm getting over a cold. I should be feeling good - Brownie obstacle course tomorrow, hooraay!