I'm ill

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Tags: christmas, Neighbours, bad day, church, youthgroup

Date: 15 December 2003 23:32:33

Just thought I'd tell everyone. I have a cold - and a party for a church youth group to attend in less than 4 hours time. I've been up since 4:30am, because I couldn't sleep, due to only being able to breathe when sitting/standing up and conscious. This is not good. I knew today would not be a good one when my (free off the back of a cereal packet) 'Chilly and Friends' advent calendar had a picture of a smiling dog in it.

All of this being the case, I put off Christmas shopping for another day, and stayed home, only to see the most strange edition of Neighbours for quite some time. A celebration of a Serbian Othodox Saints Day , or Krsna Slava. At least Jack and Izzy weren't featured, or Chandler's Dad Nina's mum.