been slacking a bit

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Date: 06 January 2004 19:27:37

Christmas was ok, after that we went to visit lots of friends and family, so that was good, we saw Soo and her husband and bamphires in Glasgow, and got a digital camera, so this blog may be festooned with pictorial evidence of occurrences, as soon as I work out (ask Rhys) how to do that.

My wiblog is 1 year old now, hooray!

Saw the 3rd Lord of the Rings film, it was good, but I wouldn't trust Peter Jackson to film the tying of a shoelace without cutting out several characters and half of the plotlines in order to fit in more special effects.

Have discovered Channel 4's latest reality offering 'Shattered', in which 12 contestants go for 7 days without sleep, surprisingly well done. Previous experiments of this ilk normally have glaring holes in their methodology, and while this review is mainly based on 10 minutes watching the 'live, and mostly soundless' broadcast on E4 daytime, reading a bit about it in this mornings paper, and having a quick squizz and the website, the programme makers do seem to have taken precautions against pointlessness. Also there is a great feature on the website which enables you to try for yourself the tests that the participants are monitored by. Your results are e-mailed to you later in the day, I await mine with baited breath.