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Date: 12 October 2007 21:34:39

Living in Wales has its up sides. The scenery is terrific, the prescriptions are free, and there are even the odd few days when it doesn't rain.

The tv however is not great. I'm not talking here about the tv that is made in Wales for a wider audience, I think The New Doctor Who (or Doctor Who series 27-29) can speak for itself on that. I'm talking of the stuff that is not meant for consumption outside of the boundaries where Ll is a valid letter. The most frequent offender in this area is Wales Today, the regional 'news' programme for Wales. I once saw at least five minutes of the programme dedicated to a football team visiting a chip shop. Don't believe me? Look here.

Aside from the actual attempts at news, there's always Dippy Derek the reasonably inaccurate weatherman, now available in download form, and Bob the sports pundit.

Talking of sport it was a quote attached to the end of Bob's report the other day that really summed up Welsh tv for me, referring to the fact that Wales were not doing well in the rugby, and that there would be a match on later, the viewing public were asked to "Share the agony with BBC2 Wales later on tonight".

It is my suggestion that this become the frankly honest tagline of Welsh tv for the future - for all the programmes that looklike they were made in 1972 on a budget of threepence ha'penny (but were in fact made last week on a budget of £3.50). For all the programme concepts along the idea of 'lets take three generations of the same family and put them on a coach trip'. For anything involving Boyd Clack, Owen Money, Max Boyce, Huw Pugh or anyone else who's last 'proper' gig was as a guest on the Keith Harris and Orville Show. "BBC Wales, Share The Agony", preferably in a rich honeyed Eve Myles type accent, would make it so much more bearable.