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Date: 06 February 2004 19:24:52

If you have any subscription channels on your TV, I strongly recommend you try to catch Iron Chef at some point - a culinary spin-off of Takeshi's Castle, and sort of a cross between that and Ready Steady Cook, with a bit of Banzaii and Masterchef thrown in. The best thing is the name of the episodes, last night we caught the end of 'Battle Cabbage' on Challenge TV, Battle Yoghurt looks like a must-see episode. This is what TV should be about.

Also it meant I got to see the start of the new (and final) series of Friends a whole 24 hours before it's aired on terrestrial UK TV. I could then have watched ER and something about finding a wife for Prince William, but decided to quit while I was winning, and go read a book. So, not the sort of think I would normally read, but linked to the Wibsite front page last year, therefore I'm blaming you lot, and in the meantime, thoroughly enjoying the break between other books.

Talking of books, it's our reading group tonight, we're discussing The Woman in White (see 2 links back), For once, I think everyone has enjoyed it, but we'll see, I'm sure if that's the case we've all enjoyed it for our own very different reasons, so the discussion should be freeflowing, and hopefully the wine too...