Where have all the flowers gone?

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Tags: Richard Thompson, television, house, Red Dwarf

Date: 16 February 2004 19:01:35

girls have picked them, every one, apparantly. Well at least that's cleared up then. For other items, however their final destination is not so easily deduced. For example if there's no silicon heaven, where do all the calculators go? An old favourite of this wiblog Richard Thompson offers some thought as to where all the odd socks go, as well as some very helpful advice as to where their left behind counterparts can usefully be sent. In sorting through our filing cabinet yesterday, we did at least discover where all of the out of date vouchers, empty envelopes and used up cheque books go, but as our moving date may turn out to be a fair bit earlier than previously expected, I think the other 3 drawers of the unit could remain unsorted for some time.