A national obsession?

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Date: 18 February 2004 19:22:44

It seems that the humble doodle is getting a new lease of life, thanks to various efforts, and celebrity support.

Not only can you now get your doodles on the telly, albeit on a subscription channel, you can also join in the celebrations for ... wait for it ... National Doodle Day!

Actually the most interesting part of this is not the fact that we have an excuse for something we'd do anyway whilst whiling away the time on a Friday afternoon, but the E-bay celebrity doodle auction. It's fascinating in just so many ways. For a start it's far more reliable than the 'A-lists' and 'D lists' from TPTB, in that we can see by how much people are prepared to pay for the memorabilia that Jake is the most popular Tweenie, and that Nick Park is currently more than 10 times cooler than Graham Norton. Also interesting is the descriptions given after the names - an interesting insight into what, given only limited wordspace to describe someone, is the pinnacle of their career. Some make perfect sense (Alan Titchmarsh - Ground Force, David Sneddon - Winner of Fame Academy), but others, you have to wonder... Lord Jeffrey Archer - Prison Diary, Helena Bonham-Carter - Fight Club, Giles Bradreth - Countdown. That's all before you get to looking at some of the actual doodles themselves - I'll leave you to find your favourite celebrities, if you're thinking of making a bid consider that while you'd need to pay about £500 for a Nick park original, you could help save the reputation of an ex Newsround presenter with no current bids for only 99p, and get a really bad drawing too!

In other non-drawing news, I've been trying for about a week to seamlessly link into this wiblog Richard Thompson's description of his visit to the Ironic Grill. I give up, there it is.

Happy doodling!

[edit: if you don't normally read the comments on this thing, make an exception, if you do, then don't make an exception. Ta.]