The North wind shall blow, and we shall have snow...

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Date: 27 February 2004 00:44:47

Yes, as readers of Nessa's wiblog and residents of this ugly and sometimes lovely city will know, if you're dreaming of Swansea tonight, make sure you dream it white.

So (and feel free to hum the appropriate tune, whatever you think it may be) the gallery continues here:
don't you just love having a view?
This is the view that greeted us this morning, as we went to the car. Said car didn't start until after lunch, so we had a lovely morning involving a walk in the park, watching the kids on their sleds and seeing neighbours' snowmen. (I'll put more pictures of all of that up on request, if you ask nicely). Then...

Your lips are like cherries...oh.
I made my own mini snowman while Rhys worked from home. All in all a good morning I feel. those in Devon have all the fun ahead of them.

As I've been a bit lax on Harold news of late I should point out that he's suffered a stroke, Could this be the end of the Jellybelly we've grown to love? Tune in weekdays at 5:35pm to find out.