Man of a thousand faces...

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Tags: films, John Lennon, Harry Potter, Ian Hart

Date: 27 February 2004 21:32:24

Ian Hart. I heard this man described as 'a relatively unknown actor' the other day, this is probably a fair comment as most people would be hard pushed to put a face to the name, what is interesting about this man I discovered when I looked up his imdb entry, is the number of names you can put to his face. He has played in his 21 years in the business: John Lennon, Daniel Defoe, Brian Keenan, Doctor Watson, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ludwig Van Beethoven! That's a fairly versatile face in anyone's book, he's also played Professor Quirrell, and had parts in films as far apart stylistically as 'The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain' and 'Michael Collins'. Perhaps this man needs to become known, maybe he guards his privacy well. Sometimes the cult of celebrity just passes by the door. Invisibility it seems is not acheived by being no-one, but by being anyone.