Good morning

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Date: 09 March 2004 19:17:20

I survived turning 28, thanks to those wishing me a happy birthday, even those doing so via someone else's blog.

The weekend was great, a 98th birthday, a 30th birthday, and a visit from my brother before he disappears to Japan for a year. We did our bit by taking him to the local Vietnamese and taught him to use chopsticks.

Hopefully next weekend will be taken up in frantic packing before we move, but I've tempted fate once on this blog, so I'll try not to again.

Nelly, in answer to your well wishes on nessa's blog, I honestly wish I could hope for a happy ending with Karl and Susan, but it's not looking good is it? The good news however is that my American readership will be able to have half a clue as to what I'm on about, as Neighbours is about to be shown from episode 3418 (the Scully's arrival) in the States. Thanks to the BBC
for that nugget of news. Elsewhere on Neighbours, things are really not looking good for Harold, his stroke seems to have brought on a complete personality reversal, and as one who reads too many spoilers for her own good, I can tell you it'll get worse.

Task for today is finishing my book for book club, Anita and Me by Meera Syal, which I'm enjoying, just finding slightly less gripping than it needs to be to hold my attention. Oh well.