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Date: 11 March 2004 23:23:55

As Andy's blog went offline some time ago I consider it my civic duty to promote the fact that Shaun of the Dead will be reaching a cinema screen near you in less than a month. As a grown-up, responsible type person I should point out that it is an 18 certificate movie involving the undead, and if either of those two facts makes you uneasy about going to see it, then it's not for you. As a not-very-grown-up, completely irresponsible person, I'm going to urge everyone to see it, because it'll be fantastic. (And if the cast of 'Spaced', plus Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton in a romantic comedy with zombies means anything to you, you'll be on my side I'm sure (unless you're one particular regular reader of this blog, and you know who you are, and don't see it - it'll give you nightmares)).

There seems to be very little progress on the house move front, despite the fact that we've signed contracts.

Finished 'Anita and Me', it was actually dead good when I got into it, but now I keep veering into a Black Country accent. By May we'll have read 4 books in a row involving a dead dog somewhere along the plot. My suggestion of naming our currently nameless reading group 'The Dead Dog Book Club' has met with mixed response so far - any opinions?