And relax!

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Date: 16 March 2004 20:27:59

The youthwork talk went fine, and they all took their stones home as a reminder not to judge others (will have to remember that one in future).

Am currently writing up a drama sketch that I wrote in my head during last Sunday's sermon (well the 2nd 1/2, having slept through the first 1/2). It does relate to what I was hearing at the time, and probably goes to prove that we all learn in different ways, some need to hear it, some to read it, some to see it and some apparently to write and perform it.

Still no house news, might be the end of the week before we get a date. Really I'm quite relaxed about it, as long as we're in by Easter it'll be fine.

I might be getting addicted to cranberry and raisin Geo-bars, or maybe it's because they're just there and I don't have to cook them?