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Date: 17 May 2004 22:00:03

Yes, I am still alive. Been busy, though I'm not sure doing what. My books are now alphabetised. There is currently a guy upstairs sorting out our woodworm problem, he seems to be mainly using a large hammer, here's hoping he's not bashing the little blighters on the head one by one, but I'm not sure I want to know.

We now have a smart new computer on a smart new desk. I think Rhys is more happy about the computer and I'm more happy about the desk, different aesthetics for different people. J K Rowling (Jo to you) has a new website, lots of fun, especially discovering all the hidden extras, but not for arachnaphobes.

I've been also catching up on some reading, Jaqueline Wilson books are exactly the same as I expected them to be, but that's no critcism, she does what she does well, and Nick Sharratt's illustrations are fab. In a much more adult vein, Ben Elton's 'Dead Famous' was great, and a good precursor to BB5, which I'm trying to convince myself I won't watch. Something we've finally got round to watching - on rented dvd - is Cold Feet. Please no spoilers, we've only watched the first series, but it's great. I remember the days when if you missed something that was it, you were out of the playground 'in-group', and you only got the joke when you caught the repeat 2 years later. Now we just sit down to watch entire series when we have time, and then watch them again and again (mostly to justify spending £15 on the dvd). It's a different experience entirely, and I'm sure in another 20 years it'll be completely different again. If you want to prove me wrong, print this entry out and place it in a sealed envelope to be opened on 17/5/2024. I'll buy you a pint if I'm incorrect, and you can find me.