Catching fairies

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Tags: Neighbours, music, books, Harry Potter, games

Date: 08 June 2004 23:13:11

... No, I am, the latest Harry Potter video game is proving much more entertaining than the last, I need to get some fairy wings though, which seems more than a little intolerant of magical creatures.

Our reading group has chosen Vikram Seth's 'An Equal Music' to read this month, very enjoyable, and interesting to get the perspective of the violinist rather than the violist... is that a word?

Neighbours today managed a very understated comeback, as Sky Mangel was reading through her late mother Kerry's diary, Kerry's voice took over... that of the actress that had originally played her. It's not often that the Aussie soaps manage to be subtler than the British ones, but if the BBC had tried this approach, we'd have certainly been spared 'Dirty Den, the comeback years'.