Only in Australia...

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Date: 18 June 2004 23:30:38

In case Sky, Boyd, Serena, Summer, Lisa, Scott and the rest of the students at Erinsborough High want to transfer to Hogwarts, this will let them how much it would cost (it does pounds too), Thanks to the Leaky Cauldron (see links on the left) for that one.

Of course, they might well have gone to Hogwarts, along with the rest of the street for all we'll know for the next 2 weeks, as Neighbours takes it's annual tennis break. That means it's the fortnight of the year when I get a life. Hmm.

Must go get a Fathers day card sent and get down to the library to take my books back before they're even more overdue.

And apparantly they've cancelled the BB evictions tonight, so that'll be not worth watching again then - a continuing theme for this series.