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Date: 10 July 2004 00:28:12

To either my house or my wiblog. This is because I've been ill, so not updating or answering the door. Ah well, better now.

It seems that TPTB at Grundy have in their wisdom decided to reintroduce Stefan Dennis to the cast of Neighbours (don't it make ya feel good?) to begin celebrations of the show's 20th year in Oz. For those of you with poor/non existant memories of the early days (some would argue the heyday) of this soap, Stefan Dennis played the evil Paul Robinson, last seen in 1993 fleeing to Brazil after being caught involving his brother in law in a fraud-scam.

And if that doesn't interest you, maybe you'd like to vote for your favourite film soundtrack of all time in the world ever? Your choice is completely up to you, obviously, and I'd never try to influence it, but if you're stuck for a title, then my May 8th 2003 entry might give you a few clues.

Becki out.