Arrivals and departures

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Date: 12 July 2004 18:30:08

We're set to have a house full this week, with 3 guests as a result of graduation and dry-rot. The spare rooms are being cleared out as we speak, much stuff that we should have got rid of before moving. I think it might be enough to make it worth making an appearance at our local car-boot sale on Saturday.

Our reading group went well, as ever. Most people seemed to enjoy 'An Equal Music', that must be a first (although I suspect those that didn't like it didn't come).

Sad news, a lot of people my age and a bit younger will recall Paula as a regular on 'Going Live'. Many more will remember her books, which will continue to entertain kids like you and me for many years. So long Paula.

A life cut even shorter was that of Stewart Adam, just starting out in his career, playing a mechanic in Neighbours (and we all know where that can lead.

And talking of Neighbours, thanks for the comment Nelly, if you think Izzy sank to new depths last week - keep watching...