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Date: 29 July 2004 01:27:14

Our neighbours on both sides are away at the moment, as are our neighbours from across the street, had they been away during the last 2 weeks of June, we would have been almost totally neighbourless, as a popular Australian soap was off our screens for that time, due to Wimbledon.

This wiblog however seems a popular place to come for Neighbours spoilers (and having typed that, I suspect it will be more so). I can only point you in the direction of this page, as it's where all my info comes from.

In other news, Chalky was astute enough to spot that we've swapped our internet dvd rental subscription to a different firm - we are finding them better, although the fact that they don't work weekends is slightly annoying, Chalky (or anyone else that knows us), if you want a free 4 week trial, drop us a line... advert over.

We still have houseguests, building work never keeps to schedule, it'll be odd not to have them around when they do go now.

Although our reading group is supposed to be reading Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, many of us are finding it hard going, I'm yet to get past the first half-page. Any encouraging comments from people who have finished it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and in other news, my little brother has managed to find a girlfriend with the same name as me, I think he's finding it odder than I am. (For the record's sake that name is Emily, not Lemly, in case you were thinking there were two of us out there, when in fact, there are none... that I know of).

Oh, and the teddy bear biscuits turned out wonderfully, thanks Nigella (or can I call you Nige?).