Midnight at 4am

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Tags: Neighbours, books, films, Midnight's Children

Date: 09 August 2004 23:50:20

It seems that Midnight's Children not only makes more sense after odd films, but also it's great at 4 am when you can't sleep. Our reading group discussion could be interesting on this one, enough of us I think will finish it in time, and are enjoying it enough, others couldn't face beyond page 30.

I'm keeping up the supply of odd films though, Adaptation last night, a definite recommendation, really a landmark film. any film recommendations from out there, please use the comments thread to suggest, and I might even watch them!

Darren Stark is back in Neighbours, very cool, and with another dastardly character set for a return in the next few weeks, Ramsay Street is the place to be.