Sitting comfortably?

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Date: 01 September 2004 18:28:05

Not something generally possible on the main site at Greenbelt, but nevertheless, a cracking weekend. Highlights included a quiz show, some poets, a birthday party, some French food, a shower off site, inspiring speakers from Scotland, Oz and Cambridge, some good music, amazing installations and tons of ideas to bring back to church. Oh and some new trousers which now need a wash, thanks to all the mud.

Retuned home to spend some quality time with the tv and dvd player. Having survived 17 Neighbourless days, I was glad to come back to a good episode, some great lines between Susan (just snogged a priest) and Sindi (walked in on them). Also watched Aliens (excellent) and the first 4 episodes of Black Books (also v. good).

It is our church day of prayer today, and also time to clear up from Holiday club and prepare for Sunday School. Really I want to stay in and read Salman Rushdie (finally got to the point of really quite enjoying it) but that's just me, and anyway, I want to get a start on bringing Greenbelt home...