There's a mighty wind a-blowin'...

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Tags: Neighbours, Greenbelt, Bromyard, books, films, Midnight's Children

Date: 10 September 2004 18:54:09

I'm on page 346 of 463 of Midnight's Children, and really quite into it. My diet of films has kept up its bizarre theme though, we watched this last night, very funny.

The people getting to this page via Google are getting odder by the minute. I'm not entirely surprised to see many Neighbours related searches, but 'Pam Ayres getting old'? Who knows, it may even have been the good poet herself. Talking of Neighbours (as it has been pointed out, I usually am), it seems that the wonderful Ian Smith (aka Harold Bishop) is to release a Christmas single in a hip-hop style entitled 'I am not a popstar'. Hmm, I think my adoration of all things Harold may suffer a severe blow if this does come to fruition, we can only hope that it's a nasty rumour.

This weekend sees Rhys and I heading festival-wards again, this time to Herefordshire. With wonderful co(s)mic timing we were woken to severe thunderstorms this morning, good job we've not managed to clean the Greenbelt mud off everything, this weekend looks set to be really gloopy! Will let you know how it went next week, but for now I have some great acts to look forward to along with another rainy Bromyard spent with old friends. Marvellous.