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Tags: Alan Rickman, films, youthgroup, bowling, laserzone, Se7en

Date: 05 October 2004 22:46:40

Watched Se7en the other day, and was disturbed to discover that the enduring image I had from first watching the film (in the cinema) was actually a split second flash shot. Amazing the tricks that memory plays. I won't tell you what the shot was in case you haven't seen the movie (you should), but did anyone else manage that?

Less of a good film was 'The January Man', watched as part of some research for a later feature of this blog of a review of some sort of all Alan Rickman films that I have seen. It was watchable though.

Took our youthgroup bowling last night, but due to a lane shortage beyond our control, I wound up in laserzone with some of the kids. Great fun, and I think I'm getting better, although our team lost both games.