Categories: advent-calendar

Tags: advent, John Lennon

Date: 01 December 2004 17:39:44

John: And so, this is Christmas. And what have you done? Lemly: Well John, this year I've made an advent calendar for all my wib-readers. There's a picture each day to colour in, along with a Scripture reading, a joke and a chocolate (sort of). John: Ooh that's exciting, how do I get in? Is it something to do with that big '1' at the bottom of the page? Lemly: That's it! You're quite clever for a dead bloke, how long's it been now? John: 24 years next Wednesday Yoko: Waaaaar iiiiiis ooooooovaaaaah..... Entire world: Shut up woman! Lemly: Sorry, that was probably a glimpse into world of Lemly that you could have lived without, for (marginally) more exciting stuff click the window at the bottom of the page... go on, you know you want to! What's behind the square window?