With a little help from my friends...

Categories: advent-calendar

Tags: music, Beatles, advent

Date: 03 December 2004 18:05:34

Paul: What? How did we help you? John: Yeah, I mean Yoko and I helped you launch this, and George's mystic sitar playing would inspire anyone... George: Ta John Lemly: Actually I meant help from my husband, who typed up today's Bible verses, and chose the pictures and jokes. Not that I mean to discount the amazing influence you guys' music has had on my life... George: Does that mean that Rhys is still in some small way still blogging? Lemly: It does indeed George, though he'll kill me for mentioning this, it's a sore topic - Oh, sorry John, no offence meant. John: None taken Ringo: What would you do if I sang out of tune... Entire world: Shut up Ringo! Lemly: Well, it's been nice chatting to you guys, but I really ought to unveil todays window, see you soon. Fab Four: Bye! Worrying isn't it? Here's number 3: What's behind the square window?