Thanks Lord!

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Date: 01 April 2009 16:44:58

We're in the money!  We're in the money!  We've got alot of what it takes to-  um - put a greenhouse and shed etc on the plot!

Yes, you've guessed it, our grant application was successful.

Now I really need to get my backside in gear in order to co-ordinate the obtaining and installing of various items of equipment and structures.  First thinngs first, get the Trustees together for a meeting to discuss our priorities.  (Thanks to those who prayed for the last Trustees meeting.  We finally got together on 6th March and had a very productive time.  Prayers for more of the same, please!)

I am both excited and nervous - I feel like this is a big step for Sustaining Life, and for little me.

Help! / Yippee! (In approx equal measure.)