Grant us this day...

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Date: 28 January 2009 21:20:07

...our allotted dough.

Okay, so that is more than a bit of a paraphrase, but yesterday I finished a grant application for a substantial amount from a Trust Fund and handed it over to the helpful Communities First worker, Lisa.  She should have added the finishing touches and put it in the post today.  So, the waiting begins.

A successful application will result in us being donated sufficient money to put a large greenhouse, shed and some raised beds on the top plot.  Also, we will have enough cash for some more tools and equipment, plus we will be able to lay some paving down and edge the veg beds.

The most exciting thing, from my point of view, is the fact that we were encouraged to bid for the means to pay someone to provide training.  In effect, this means that we would be able to employ someone to lead a three hour allotment session per week (currently led by myself or the volunteers). If this goes through, then I have it in mind to approach Chris from BTCV (remember him?) and offer him first refusal.  I bumped into him in the supermerket last week, after not being able to get in touch with him since his contract ended earlier this year, to find that he is at a loose end and in danger of retreating from S Wales completely.  As he was such a great asset to the area when he worked here, I would like to at least offer him some incentive to stay.  I would be very happy indeed if we were able to take him on, as he has extensive experience in leading community allotment projects already, as well as being an all round Good Bloke.

So, there you have it.  Prayers for grants to be granted, please!

Btw, the new pic at the top is from the Big Dig.