The Big Poo

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Date: 10 January 2009 19:29:57

Today we have accomplished a great task. It was so great that it took us all day. We left the house just after 8 and finally got home at 5.

In that time we collected a rented, flat bed Transit and moved the best part of a tonne (at least) of rotted manure from a friend's of a friend's manure collection. We've moved around a quarter of his pile and will be back in the future for more - funds permiting.

That may take a little time as we have almost exhausted our bank account - yes we now have one. So as well as looking for specific grants to fund a greenhouse, shed etc we also need to begin thinking of ways of raising more funds. So if anyone has any ideas please let us know.

Tomorrow we have 2 volunteers spreading the muck and we have to clean the truck and return it. If there is time we'll help with the spreading.

Many thanks to Dan for the driving of his dumper, his JCB and giving up his Saturday morning. Thanks to the Rev P (our treasurer) for letting Dan off household chores to help. Thanks to Brian for supplying us with free poo and tea. Thanks to Paul for giving up his Saturday to help us and buying us lunch (we forgot to give your money back) and offering to give up his Sunday afternoon to spread muck. Thanks also to Dave who will also be spreading much tomorrow afternoon.