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Date: 27 September 2008 19:42:08

Tomorrow sees me having to read through the information pack we have to enable us to write our constitution in preparation for Monday's trustees meeting. I also need to draw up the agenda for the meeting. After this we'll be ready to complete our application to set up our Company Limited By Guarantee.

I think it will also be time to think about widening our work. We have the allotment, Plotting To Improve, and Judith has started work on this. We have some volunteers and attendees and have the preparations underway for The Big Dig - which the Indian and British members of the Global Exchange will be helping us out with. This is more Judith's work than mine. I'm not a lover of gardening/allotmenting.

I have ideas in another area that have been rattling around for quite a while and, following recent events elsewhere, look like turning into something more concrete. This would be something that I know I'd really enjoy and find rewarding.

So prayers please as we move forward.