September Update and October Targets

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Date: 08 October 2008 19:06:45

- We have had two Trustees meetings this past month and now have a constitution drawn up thanks to some hard work put in by Jeff. We also have all of the officers allocated (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer).
Targets: There is another meeting planned for later this month to set up the bank account. Also, Jeff is planning to have registration as a company limited by guarantee in place by the time of the next meeting.

- The insurance documents arrrived and we now have a regular volunteer session on a Monday afternoon. We have two guys who come each week and it looks like there is a lass who may be interested in joining the sessions too. Over half of the bottom plot has been dug over and is looking pretty tidy.
- All of the tools have arrived, except for the wheelbarrow, which I am still chasing.
- The Big Dig plans are now in very much underway. Matt the Youth Worker has agreed to lend us the tools and the VSO volunteers are lined up to lend a hand towards the end of the month. Both plots should therefore be lovely and weed free by the end of October.
Targets: Keep the regular sessions going and continue with plans for the Big Dig at the end of the month.

Thanks for the prayers, people, things are really taking off now and the plots look set to stay with us. Yay!