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Date: 17 December 2008 20:18:30

As you will see we are starting to change. Now that plot has "hatched" we are expanding and it seems that the blog will need to as well. We are no longer just a one trick pony but beginning to expand into other areas.

We are moving into the work of visiting prisioners and as part of that I have been in contact with the local Youth Offenders Institute (YOI) a few miles away from us. We are already visiting another young lad at a YOI a little farther away.

I find that such people are written off by society and demonised by the media. Once you are tarred with that brush it nevers seems to come off. You can try to hide what you've done but you're always worried that someone may find out and judge you on what you were and not are now.

In addition many have no one to visit them or require someone who'll just sit, listen and not judge them. There is a lot of male postering going on in institutions and it can be hard to be yourself. You're locked up for hours on end with nothing to do but can socialise for a few hours a day. So all you do is sleep and think - not much of a way of rehabilitating people is it.

So prison visitors can be a great help and distraction.

It's odd that I have this as a calling as small talk is not my strong point.