Hello and Welcome

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Date: 28 July 2007 18:01:16

The perceptive among you, who read Dith's wiblog, may have visited here due to the title of this new blog - strangely familiar, eh? The curious may just be popping by to say hello, in which case, the kettle is on, please help yourself to biscuits. (Those in the 'perceptive' category already know me well enough not to need the offer...)

Anyway, why are we here? Well, I will sidestep attempting to answer that in a deep and philosophical manner, and restrict myself to explaining the presence of the Hatching blog. It is the creation of the gestalt entity, known to many as Jeffanddith, which consists of myself (Dith) and one known to many as T&E (Jeff). The purpose of this wiblog is to chart the first steps in the launch of our project (ministry?) to support the homeless and the vulnerable. It will be styled on the model of Caring for Life (see link) and the CFL team have already offered us thier support and 20 years off accumualted wisdom.

This is something that I have felt called to for a number of years, most notably since I heard about the specific ministry of CFL which ticked all the boxes for me. Since we have been together, Jeff has voiced his support of me in this. It is only since we went to CFL's conference in Leeds at the end of June that this sense of calling has gone from a theoretical, admittedly vague, idea to something which is far more real. It feels now that this is a case of 'when', rather than 'if'.

We hope that you will want to follow our progress and keep us in your prayers as we embark on this exciting, and scary (for me, at least) venture. We could do with all the encouragement we can get. Also, if I am honest, I am intending to post my targets for each month on here. That way, I will have set a deadline for myself and hopefully be less prone to the demon of procrastination. That way, I know I will be accountable to the WibFolk, and not leave the tail-chasing to Jeff alone!

Well, that is it for me for now. I'll leave Jeff to have his say in his own time.