Your Help Wanted

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Date: 29 July 2007 16:56:35

No, I'm not asking for your money, or blood. What we want at present are your prayers. Whatever happens this ministry is going to have a strong Christian basis and foundation. Therefore, before we go any further, we need you to remember us in your prayers.

We're not asking for long, detailed prayers, just quick thoughts whenever you can. We'll publish prayer requests as we go along. You don't have to tell us that you're praying but if you do then it'll help us and provide the strength that'll be needed in the tough times.

So my first request is the following:

1. Pray that our specific ministry will be revealed. An idea of the people we'll be helping and how that help will be given.
2. Ask God to provide us with people who would be willing to become trustees of our charity. This is a requirement of any charity and a very responsible position for people to take.
3. Pray that God will help us with our application, when the time comes.

Over the next few days we'll begin to provide updates on our research.