August Targets

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Date: 01 August 2007 12:52:48

Okay, here they are, I am now Wibbily accountable. My success (or otherwise) in meeting these will be posted at the beginning of Sept. At that time, new targets will be established. Ooh, what fun!!!

- Plan research questions in order to interview workers in the Social Care field. The aim of this would be to establish an idea of the needs in the area and hopefully gain pointers about what would and wouldn't work in aiming to meet these needs.
- Question up to five relevant people (aim for ten by the end of Sept). I am starting small here and planning to approach those in my area of work whom I already know and trust. The main reason for this is the hope that they are less likely to blow me out of the water. I am aware that I may approach things in an amaterurish way at this early stage and I would rather refine my technique in a potentially 'safer' environment. This would hopefully mean, that by the time I speak to those who are less inclined to be sympathetic or helpful, I will have decreased my chances of being reduced to vague incoherence!

- Send prayer request e-mails. As we have said already, we would like to establish a network of prayer supporters. The aim of this initial e-mail would be to discover who is likely to be 'with us' in all this and then ensure that they are kept informed of prayer needs and the like. It is hoped that this will work in tandem with this blog. In fact, if any Wibfolk would like to receive regular bulletins by e-mail, then just let us know and we will ensure that it happens.
- Post these targets on wiblog. Ooh, look, I've done one already!

- Get on my bike. I debated putting this on here at the momnet, but if I don't it will never happen. On the week-end of the CFL conference there was a cycle ride here in Pontypool, which is an annual event. As I have failed miserably so far to get on my lovely e-bay bike, I (foolishly?) decided that Jeff and I could aim to do this as a sponsered event next year. The purpose would be threefold, to raise a bit of money, to increase awareness of our project and to get fitter at the same time.
- Be specific about the above. Okay I aim to have cycled to and from work at least four times by the end of the month. Good weather permitting, I will begin this Friday. You heard it here!