On Friday...

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Date: 04 August 2007 19:29:02

... I did not cycle to work. In truth, I walked the steepest bit of the downhill (still too scarey) and freewheeled the rest of the route there, practically.
... I did not cycle home from work. In truth, I walked much of the uphill (still too steep) and cycled the little that remained of the journey.
I am sure I cut a dashing figure with my short, fat, hairless legs, my Fairtrade cyclist t-shirt and my doubtlessly flawless style of moving. Actually, having tailgated an amusing looking cyclist whilst waiting for a chance to pass in the car today, I guess I am more likely to have caused substantial mirth and hilarity. My face when I got home resembled a beetroot and my breathing at various points was wheezey to the point of breathlessness. However, in some senses, I DID IT!!!

... I also made a date and time to catch up with a local, friendly social worker for a research related chat. It is all good, people, all good!