How to Apply for a Plot*

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Date: 11 August 2007 23:38:03

After my stated aim to do much research, an idea has come out of the blue. (Life is, after all, what happens to you when you are busy making other plans!) Let me explain.

As one of the prime intentions of our ministry is to offer a form of therapy via contact with natural, earthy stuff, I had been idly considering acquiring an allotment. Subsequently, I was generally talking about the project with a good friend and she suggested the same thing, without my even alluding to it. So, I have obtained a contact list for local allotment associations and the task of 'Phone allotment bloke' is now on my August target list.

I have not been neglecting the other aims, however, a full update to follow in due course.

*Heading taken from the title of an allotment gardening info sheet from the council.