Of Money & Government Blockage

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Date: 12 August 2007 14:25:52

One of the things that we constantly hear from our beloved leaders is that they want more involvement from charities in the provision of social care. They realise that government is not always best suited for finding solutions in assisting those in need, whatever the person's problems.

Over the best 2 decades we have seen government, of whatever persausion, move from care provider to financial assitance. They understand that there are many charities out there that can provide professional and specialist care to various needy groups. It is therefore recognised that government needs to assit them in financing this care provision.

For those who don't know, South Wales is not a wealthy area. There are pockets of wealth but, compared to other areas, Wales is way behind on wealth, health and way in front one alcohol problems and a rising drug problem. We are one of the unfittest areas of the country and high incidents of heart disease. Many of these are problems associated with the poorer strata of society.

I have been looking at ways in which charities are funded. One of the things that I keep hearing is that the government are somewhat duplicitous in their dealings with charities. Not all charities mind you. They seem to be very targetted in their disapproval.

It appears that their idea of providing care through charity work is heavily weighed against charities with a Christian basis. In fact the government actively discriminates against such charities. Not only do they do this but so do other funding bodies. If you have a Christian commitment in your governing document, the submission that outlines your aims and foundations.

We heard about this at the Caring For Life seminar and now the local Victory Outreach have been told the same thing by the Welsh office.

Why is it that the government feels threatened by the work of Christians? Have Christians not been at the forefront of campaigns to improve public health, end slavery and the formulation of our present labour laws? Do Christian organisations refuse to assist people based on the grounds of race, creed or colour? Are all Christian organisations just there to act as evangelising organisations first and caring organisations second?

Caring For Life's solution is to ask Christians to support their basic day to day needs - salaries, maintenance etc - and that other, secular, providers fund capital projects that would not conflict with their own limitations on funding.

In view of this we'd ask for your prayers in requesting that God's provides help to all Christian organisations to overcome these obstacles.