Some food for thought

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Date: 21 August 2007 20:57:00

As Jeff said, I met last week with a helpful Social Worker from a local team. The meeting produced the following results:

1) There is a need in the area of relapse prevention when it comes to the field of Mental Health. Thus, in any funding application this would be a good feature to focus upon.

2) The transition of people from the area of Young People's Mental Health Services to Adult Services is "far from seamless". This especially applies in the case of youngsters who have not entered officially into the Care System, but who are just as much in need.

3) Due to the reduction in the provision of Day Services via the Local Authority, a need has emerged for social activites and groups for various clients of the Community Intervention Team (where my friendly SW and her equally friendly colleague are based). There is a local woman who independently accesses funds in order to provide support for the southern part of the borough, but there is a need for it in the north - where we are planning to locate. I have asked if SW no. 2 would put me in touch with this lady so that we can work effectively alongside one another. I have heard nothing yet (prayers please!)

4) I floated the allotment plan, which was well received, and suggested that I could possibly go on to facilitate other social and theraperutic groups in the area. Both Social Workers appeared keen to make use of these services were I successful. SW no 2 also suggested that I speak to somebody in Planning when I have a more firm idea of what I wish to offer. It appears that, pitched correctly, I may well be in line for funding.

5) SW no 1 also provided me with the aims and objectives of their team, which means that I can see how well anything that we plan fits the template of needs etc. So far, the allotment plan fits a number of criteria, which means it may be well received when it becomes time to 'go public'.

All in all, it was all very encouraging. Which is as well, really, given that when I informed my boss of my plans, (out of courtesy, so that she would not think I was going behind her back or anything) she provided a very sobering counterpoint. I am thankful she pointed out possible hurdles and pitfalls, as a balanced view is very necessary. However, I am glad that I had been buoyed up by the previous meeting, or else I may have felt grounded before I even began!