Name Game II

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Date: 24 August 2007 17:36:51

Thanks to our 2 contributers so far. I must say that we have 2 options that we like for different reasons at present.


We like the idea of Plotting to Improve but we would like to use that as the name for the allotment project alone, not the actual charity.

Your idea of Sustain also hit a chord. We've thought of amalgamating that with part of Rain's suggestion to form:

Sustain For Life

We wonder what others think.....

My idea of the Chas and Rain Memorial Foundation was rejected by Dith because they weren't dead yet. I pointed out that this could be seen as forward planning. The other alternative that I had was to kill them and therefore the name would fit completely but Dith said that this was unChristian, or something equally daft. I switched off when she said, NO!