August Targets - the result

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Date: 31 August 2007 18:11:32

Okay, here is how I did.

a) Results from targets set
- Successfully planned the research questions and used them as a guideline for my discussions.
- Had a useful chat with two Social Workers (see blog entry of 21/08). Also contacted a couple of other people, am now waiting for them to get back to me.
b) Incidental stuff
- Have been looking into the possibility of renting an allotment, initial enquiries made.
- A chance meeting with the director of a local Christian organisation that houses and supports ex-offenders may prove useful.
Overall, this has been fairly successful so far.

- Initial e-mail for potential prayer supporters has been drafted. This cannot be sent until we have a name for the project and thus an e-mail address. Matter currently awaiting results (see earlier entries, and comments!)
- Wiblog related support very helpful so far. Comments useful and supportive, some people have expressed an interest in being on the e-mailing list.
Thanks WibFolk, you rock!

- Have had a 50 percent success rate with the cycle to work target (twice, not four times, in the past month). Did walk today, though, does that count? At this rate I will be lucky to raise anything worthwhile in the sponsered cycle ride of July 08!
Must try harder.

See you tomorrow for September's targets. Betcha can't wait, eh?