September targets

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Date: 01 September 2007 21:54:55

(Deep breath) Okay, here goes for September.

- Make further enquiries into the rental of an allotment, with the aim of having secured a plot by the end of this month.
- Have a formal meeting with the leadership of a local Christian organisation that houses and supports ex-offenders. I met the director, by chance(?), in a local Christian bookshop a few weeks ago and he agreed to meet with us in order to discuss our project. It is a matter now of finding a good time to get together, which has proved a little difficult to date. Prayer here, please.
- Continue to have general discussions with relevant people about the needs in the area, although this is a little more secondary now. This is due to the excellent info gained from the SWs last month and the emergence of the allotment plans as a viable first step.

- Decide on a name for the project (winner to be announced 10th Sept!) The aim will then be to register e-mail and website domain names (Jeff's job), update the draft support e-mail and send it out (my job).
- Keep you lovely people updated by means of this site. :)

- Begin to look into sources of funding for the allotment project. I have located one or two possible streams by idly browsing the internet, I just need to get a firm idea of the grant providers worth pursuing.
- Improve on my score of two cycle-to-work sessions this month, aiming for the intended four of last month.

- I have recently put my name down with the local agricultural college for a course in managing a smallholding (about which I am ridiculously excited!) It starts in November and is of potential long term use. I have an idea of one possible opportunity for honing and using the skills I hope to aquire, as well as a potential forum for passing them on in a therapeutic setting. It is a little tenuous at this stage, though, so I will simply ask you to pray into this area for me. Thanks.

So, that is it for this month. Thanks again for your ongoing support and prayers. Keep watching.


P.S. If you missed the August summary, it is at the end of the archived material, go and have a look if you wish.