October Movement

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Date: 05 October 2007 19:26:48

We're hoping to meet the allotment manager this weekend. We know that they have 2 plots available and we're hoping that we'll be able to secure these. It will be good if we can explain our aim to him and to obtain his agreement to move forward.

From what Dith has told me this site are very organised and outward looking. This will hopefully be a meeting of minds for the way forward. I know that there have been other allotment sites in the country that have set up plots as educational projects to teach people how to grow and manage a plot of their own.

We also have to begin moving forward and setting everything else up. However without a plot we can't begin to work and so we're a bit of a catch 22 situation at the moment. Still we have to begin somewhere so setting up the bank accounts etc are a priority if we want to move forward. After all: no bank account, no where to put funding; no business, then no way to secure funding.

With me moving jobs and reducing my income then we can't continue to fund everything ourselves. Therefore the more we do now then the easier it will be.