Practical Help

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Date: 20 October 2007 23:00:21

In the hope that Practical Help Man is reading this blog, I would like to say a big online THANKS to him. References to PHM have been deliberately vague to date, partly due to not wishing to either scare him off or alternatively make him feel obliged to committing himself to this. Having met him for a quick bite to eat and a chat on Thursday, I think the liklihood of either happening is significantly reduced.

Our lunchtime discussion helped to clarify for me what he is willing, and able, to offer. I hope that it made things a little clearer for him, too. One of the most valuable contributions he made that day was his readiness to visit each of the three possible allotment sites in the area. Given that PHM has around 7 years of experience of managing his own allotment, his insights and advice into the suitabiltiy of each site was very helpful. In fact, the site Jeff and I had mostly focused on to date is looking to be the least viable of the three. The most promising one is now due a visit from me this Sun - maybe this door (padlocked gate?) will open now!

PHM man has also suggested a visit to a project in Newport called 'Growing Space', which has the same general aims. The hope is that by visiting them we may be able to glean information for best practice and avoid unnecssary repetition or competition.

We are also most grateful for the SuperSwede and the MegaMarrow that PHM gave us!