Official Allotment Day

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Date: 27 October 2008 22:34:12

Today saw a meeting between myself and a very helpful Communities First person. After a productive chat, she is now looking into getting hold of some funding for the project. This should hopefully result in us getting some money for shed, greenhouse etc. This means that we need to get the bank account sorted asap but, as we agreed that this was a priority at the most recent Trustees meeting, this is not a problem at all. We also have a finalised constitution as a result of this meeting.

We had a good session at the allotment itself this afternoon. Got a fair bit of digging done, despite the nasty squall of sleety stuff at one point. The two regular volunteers give me a good run for my money, comparing their digging speed to mine and teasing me at every possible opportunity. It is a good thing that I am well trained in being mocked, I am married to Jeff after all!

One thing that is getting a bit frustrating, however, is a lack of progress on the Big Dig. I am beginning to think that, at this rate, the whole thing may not go ahead, with the VSO people at least. Please be in prayer that we manage to get things sorted one way or another. Thanks.

UPDATE: To answer Ian, the wheelbarrow is a sporty little black number with red trim.